Mr Fogg's Tavern: Recreating the Umble-cum-Stumble

In which I review an eccentric bar and try to re-create on of their delectable cocktails...

Just up the road from Trafalgar Square, on the edge of Covent Garden lies Mr Fogg's Tavern. From the outside it looks like a fairly normal London pub but once you step inside you are greeted by a cornucopia of eclectic British memorabilia and serving staff who look like they hav walked out of a steampunk novel.

It's the kind of pub where Professor Elemental would not look out of place and while dressing up is not required I'd definitely consider waxing my moustache before turning up and getting a hold of some tweed.


Mr Fogg's Tavern, 58 St Martin's Ln, London WC2N 4EA


Mr Fogg's Tavern

Mr Fogg's Tavern is the downstairs pub, upstairs is Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour that often requires a reservation. I intend to review that another time when I have an opportunity to try their G&T afternoon tea.

As a pub, beer is served here and they have a good range of guest ales on tap. A board behind the bar displays all of the current ales with a short description as is common in most decent ale establishments. The beer is sold at London prices but considering the central location that isn't surprising. The main reason to visit here though is the cocktails....

At a decent price of around £9 a cocktail they offer a range of sharing punches as well as individual cocktails. I would definitely recommend the Glugging Gigglemug which tastes almost exactly like apple pie and is perhaps too drinkable. Another favourite of mine is the Umble-cum-Stumble, this is a complex cocktail that starts with a strong taste of ginger beer and as you work your way to the bottom the sweetness and orange flavour increases ensuring each sip is different. In fact I liked it so much that I had to try and replicate it at home.

The tavern itself is fairly small but as with many London pubs you can drink on the street outside allowing you to visit even when it is busy. It is definitely worth visiting for a drink or two the next time you are in London.

Recipe: The Umble-cum-Stumble


The ingredients listed in the Mr Fogg's menu are: Aperol, Grand Marnier, orange juice, cane sugar muddled with lime and orange wheels, topped with Fentiman's ginger beer. Without the measurements shown I approximated the following in a half pint glass:


  1. Take a half pint glass
  2. Muddle the fruit wheels with the sugar
  3. Add ice to the glass
  4. Add the Aperol and Grand Marnier and orange juice
  5. Stir
  6. Top with the ginger beer
  7. (Optional) Garnish with an orange wheel
  8. Serve

Dr Wilko